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Distance Learning Division

Complete Study Package + Doubts

( 2 year integrated course )

Study Materials

  • 1. Physics, Chemistry, Maths - 4 main study modules each
  • 2. Final Revision Module - 1 per subject for that final revision before exams
  • 3. Daily Practice Problems(DPP) - for regular practice of previous and new chapters
  • 4. Board modules for board exam preparation

Tests (online)

Full Tests Chapterwise Test Other Tests
1. Full Test JEE Adv - 7 (maximum 15) 1. Physics - 89 1. VITEEE - 4 5. GCET - 5
2. Full Test JEE Mains - 10 (maximum 20) 2. Chemistry - 96 2. BITSAT - 15 6. MHCET - 10
3. Module based test - 12 3. Maths - 72 3. COMEDK - 5 7. WBJEE - 5
4. KEAM - 5

Doubt Clearing

  • 1. WhatsApp group for instant doubt clearing
  • 2. one face to face doubt session per week(online or offline)

35,000 /-

What make us
Stand Out


Teaching Methodology
study modules
Individual Doubt Clearing
Individual Care

We at RC tend to break the traditional student-teacher barriers and go beyond. Every faculty is like family and can be approached for any kind if problems.

Stress free environment

We at Rajeev Classes keep the student first. Thus, we have a stress free study environment so that students can enjoy and have fun while learning.

Doubt Classes

Doubts can be dangerous. Thus, we conduct regular doubt classes for discussions so that a student is doubt free.

Remedial Classes

If a student is weak in a particular area, we ensure to help him/her out by providing remedial classes.

Board Classes

Rajeev Classes is the only institute which focuses on boards along with competitive exams so that students shine in school too.

Paper discussion

We hold paper discussion right after every exam so that students can analyse their mistakes and clear their doubts further.

Student Friendly

Study Modules
study modules
Concise Theory

Our study materials have been made by top educators from Kota. It has been designed such that is easy to understand and to the point. It has pre-highlighted important points and theories so you don't miss out on them.

Solved Examples

Solved examples are provided after each topic so that it strengthens your understanding of the topic. Also it will help you understand different approaches to a question. Our modules contain 3600+ solved examples in each subject.

Level wise Exercises

Our exercises have been divided into sections such as JEE Main/Adv, integer type, subjective type etc which gradually increase in difficulty level so that you cover every aspect. Our exercises contain 20,000+ questions so that no stone is left unturned.

Selected Previous Years

Our exercises contain selected previous year questions with solutions which boost your confidence.

Daily Practice Papers

Daily Practice Papers ensure that you are on the right track and help you to improve your timing so that you don't miss out on anything.

Final Revision Module

FRM has workshops, lists out all the important points, theories, questions which are important for IITJEE for that final revision before the Exam.

AI powered

Test Series
study modules

Boost up your IIT-JEE preparation with RC's AI powered test series which gives an in depth analysis on your performance in tests and AI technology shows where you need improvement and recommends you remedial tests accordingly.

In-depth analysis

Every test you give, the system provides an in-depth analysis on your strengths, weaknessesand time taken. It also gives an insight on where you stand among your peers.

Detailed Solutions

Each question in the test series has been provided with detailed solutions so that you know where you went wrong.

AI recommendations

After a complete research, the AI software shows which areas need improvement and recommends some tests to overcome them accordingly.

Difficulty wise analysis

The result section also shows you how are you doing difficulty wise.

The Challenge Zone

The Challenge zone takes a unique approach to learning. Here you can challenge your friends or users throughout the country to a subject test and compete. Its the most fun way to learn and connect with friends.